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Week 6, Term Two, 2017

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This week is Library and Information Week in Australia. The library at Somerset is a vital hub for College activities where we are constantly trying to strike the balance between providing a dynamic space for collaboration without eschewing our reputation as a refuge and a space for independent study. We identify not so much with the historic beacons of the past, but as an essential provider of free books, information, ideas and education. With ever increasing web resources, evolving formats and consumption trends that lean toward visualization, video and virtual reality our mandate is to deliver progressive practices that prioritise agility whilst keeping an eye on the emerging technologies heading our way.

Our physical footprint is centrally located within the College where on any given day we provide research support, referencing help, reading recommendations and triage IT issues. As first responders to much of the College’s information environment we look to find new ways to organise information to make it easier to discover and digest. Our virtual space is 24/7 and can be located on your left hand menu in Schoolbox. Our website offers access to our suite of Online Resources where students can search our subscription databases for assignment-worthy information, click through to the State Library of QLD to access more extensive resources, find digital tools to assist with Referencing and view “How-to” videos on OneDrive, Adobe and more.

2017 - W6 - T2 -  Library and Information Week

One of our core services is Student IT Help which is located in The KIP and available from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We encourage students to keep coming to us with their IT issues, particularly connectivity. If we don’t know there is a problem we won’t be able to fix it! Students can locate an interactive IT Help Guide on the library website which they can click through to on their left hand menu in Schoolbox.

With all of the learning ecosystems and the unbundling of the learning experience to remix open content in compelling ways to our students, working in a Library can be a pretty glamorous job – particularly when shelving! Things we have found…

  • Half eaten can of tuna (we consider this to be a Library hate crime!

  • A love letter to Ethan

  • Book whose pages had every letter ‘o’ coloured in

  • 50 cash in the Returns Chute (reunited with its owner)

  • Some pretty colourful “annotations” in the margins of The Crucible

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