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Week 9, Term Three, 2019

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4v4, is the smallest sided game you can have, it has all the elements of a real football match but without any confusions on how to play the game. Young players’ techniques and skills improve with more ball contact.

All the players are involved, they attack and defend. The number of passes is increased and therefore the one-touch control, one-touch pass sequence is used all the time. Tournaments have taken place on the Common.

From Week 2 until Week 8 the Junior students have played in the 4v4 Lunchtime Football League. In this league we had boys and girls playing. The Co-ordinator of Football has received four team nominations. The nominated teams called: Liverlona, The Beasts, The Boss and Yeet.

Every week they battled for their win. Each team has versed each other in their group stage. After the group, we went into the finals. In the Grand Final Liverlona played against the The Beasts.

Liverlona came out the winners. It was a great job from the Year 4 students Caspar Crampton, Nicholas Klaassen, Nash Kennedy and Jack Walker. The winners were awarded with a Football. We hope to see you back next year to defend your title!

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