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Week 5,
Term Two, 2016

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Within the classroom, Schoolbox certainly offers flexibility for communication and collaboration. In the same way, it also offers parents the choice of how they would like to receive communication from the College.

The Somerset App offers a convenient way to view notices without needing to log in each time. Recent updates with the app now ensures log in credentials are retained for 60 days and in addition, from the links menu item, users can transfer from the Somerset App to Schoolbox without needing to log in again. As well via the App, you are now able to receive push notifications if you wish, for instance, when information is posted to group homepages.

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New updates in the future for the Somerset App will focus on improving the functionality for students and include easy links from the App to class pages, the ability to upload files from the device camera roll and a virtual student ID card for use in the College retail areas. A Windows device app is also in the roadmap.

For other parents, email remains a preferred way to receive updates and communication from the College. Schoolbox provides two options, with the daily digest email providing an easy way to stay up to date or it has the ability to turn instant emails on. As well via the App, parents are now able to receive push notifications, for instance, when information is posted to group homepages.

All of these notification settings are able to be customized by parents. To do so, click on the menu under your name when logged in and select settings. Here you will see a series of items you can receive notifications on and icons which represent the different choices. The choices include:

  • Email Digest
  • Notifications shown under the bell on Schoolbox or the messages section of the app
  • App push notifications
  • Instant email

When icons are greyed out, the choice is not available for that item.

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Daily parent digest emails have been set up as default to contain a digest view of any new notices for parents and are being sent out daily at 6.30am. These digest emails provide an effective way for many parents to see whether there are new notices on Schoolbox that are relevant for them. Clicking on the notice in the digest email will take you through to the notice in Schoolbox for full details and links for any action required. When customising your settings, you can add other options to this daily digest email or turn them off.

When you log on to Schoolbox, you’ll see that we’ve added some easy links to common areas on your Schoolbox homepage. These links are also available from the Links menu item in the app.


The Parent Directory is also now live in Schoolbox. A search engine in Schoolbox allows parents to find phone numbers and email addresses of parents who have students in the same Year Level as their own.

To access the Directory, click on Parent Directory. Once you are in the Directory, simply type in the name of the student and their parents’ details will be made available. If you do not wish for your details to be made available, please contact

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