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Week 6, Term Two, 2019

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The regatta season is racing along with the third GASRA Regatta, hosted by Varsity College under perfect conditions at Coomera Lake. With the sky an impossible blue and not a breath of wind, the water was like glass enabling our rowers to post some excellent times.

Although our squad was slightly reduced due to exams getting in the way, it gave those who could make it an opportunity to try rowing with people they wouldn't normally crew with. This match up led to some surprising results.

As usual, we’d like to thank parents, coaches and supporters for their unfailing enthusiasm and encouragement. Our next regatta is a trophy regatta out at Wyaralong Dam 8 June.

This week, we’re going to get to know our other captain, Declan Thew, a little better:
1. When did you start rowing? I started rowing in 2015, I was 13 and in Year 8.

2. Why did you start rowing? I started rowing mainly because my brother was rowing and made it look like so much fun.

3. What makes rowing unique? Rowing is a unique sport as it requires discipline, endurance and responsibility. There are a lot of early morning starts and it can get very cold on Lake Orr at 5.30am in winter.

4. Greatest rowing triumph? I have so many wonderful memories associated with rowing but apart from the great friendships and fun there have also been some incredible winning moments (and a fair share of losses too). Winning highlights would have to include; first place in the Quad at the Murwillumbah Trophy Regatta, this was particularly special as we hadn't won a quad race that year and Julius crabbed at the start making our win harder but sweeter.

5. Greatest rowing mishap? Probably the time I managed to tip a quad (very hard to do) with a boat full of novice's. Everyone was wet but all managed to power through. Rowing is a wonderful sport it keeps you fit, physically and mentally. Teaches you many valuable life lessons, including respect, perseverance and determination.

1st Places:

Yr 8 Girls Novice Single – Lillian Tan (Div 1)
Lauren Taylor-Girdler (Div 2)
Yr 8 Boys Novice Single - Armani Kujovic (Div 1)
Yr 9 Boys Single - Xavier McMullen (Div 3)
Yr 10 Girls Single – Emma Wilson (Div 2)
Yr 10 Boys Single - Fergus McKeon (Div 3)
Schoolboys Single – Chester Whiting (Div 3)
Schoolgirls Single - Nina Varcoe (Div 3)
Yr 9 Boys Double - Xavier McMullen, Thomas Gray (Div 2)
Jasper Mansell, Thomas Kilmartin (Div 3)
Yr 10 Girls Double - Miku Adachi, Sofia Smith (Div 2)
Yr 10 Boys Doubles - Fergus McKeon, Joshua Mills (Div 2)
Schoolboys Double - Jack Daly, Samuel Liu (Div 2)
Yr 10 Boys Quad - Joshua Mills, Fergus McKeon, Cameron Smith, Callum McClure, Cox: Jasper Mansell
Schoolboy Eight - Nicholas Tan, Joe Lanham, Anthony McKenna, Thomas Liu, Samuel Liu, Min Jae Kyeong, Chester Whiting, Fergus McKeon, Cox: Austin Macrossan

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