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Performing Arts Captains Recap of Term One




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Week 9,
Term One, 2016

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What a busy term it has been for the Performing Arts Department! Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the House Plays festival this year as without the relevant staff and students, it would not have been possible.

Music in The Ray Building Dining Room on Tuesdays, known as “Tunesday Tuesday”, has been very successful this term and thanks must go to the following students who provided entertainment for students and staff alike:

Liron Lelah performing in The Surfer and the Mermaid.

  • Taylor Crooks
  • Simran Pasricha and Ryan Hamilton
  • Jenny Song and Candice Taylor
  • Amelia Braithwaite and Bill Carrett
  • Michael Redfern

Thanks must also go to the students who performed during lunchtimes at the Celebration of Literature, as well as Show Choir performing at Grandparents' Day.

Also during the Celebration of Literature, we’d like to congratulate the cast members involved in the Surfer and the Mermaid and director Olivia Bourne for an amazing performance!

The cast of the Senior School Musical has been busily rehearsing and preparing for a fantastic show. The Junior School Musical, Shrek Jr, was very successful and thanks must go to the relevant staff and students involved for producing a fantastic show!

Finally, we’d like to thank Mrs Roberts and Mrs Fisher for organising this busy term and ensuring everything runs smoothly, and getting ready for another exciting term!

Next Term, there’s a multitude of events coming up in the Performing Arts Department. Right off the bat, on the first weekend of Term Two, is the annual Musical Camp, with all cast members. At these two nights of musical abandon, the majority of the show will be blocked, so attendance is compulsory.

All throughout the term, The Ray will continue to hold host to young performers looking to showcase their talent. If you’re interested in being one of these young performers, please email to get your time.

Preparation for the Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival will also begin next term, with Auditions commencing later in the term. To end the term with a bang, there’s Purple Faces and House Activities Day. Purple Faces is the annual talent show, hosted by Franklin House and judged by a selective and qualified panel of teachers. Details regarding it will come out later in the term.

House activities, on the very last day of Term Two, is an exciting day of ... activities. Featuring Chess, Trivia Challenges, sporting competitions galore; it’s a fun-filled day everyone looks forward to.

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