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Week 10,
Term Three, 2016

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Performing Arts in Term Three has been one very busy and exciting term! During Week 3, the Senior School students took to the stage, “High School Musical”, which was a great success and received positive feedback throughout all four shows.

“Tuesday Tunesday” has been another successful programme. Every Tuesday lunchtime we enjoy our lunch with the company of performances by our talented students. This has continued to be a success thanks to the various performers that made this possible. We would like to thank and congratulate all performers.

Performing Arts Captains, Jenny Song and Ryan Hamilton, with Director of Theatre Arts, Mrs Katrina Fisher, and Director of Music, Mrs Sue Roberts

The Gold Coast Secondary Drama Festival was again this year a very successful event. The College participated in each of the sections, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior, and received great results. Many students were awarded acting awards, as well as student-directing awards, whole ensemble awards, and an overall best play award.

Furthermore, various groups and ensembles spent many an hour busily practising and rehearsing for the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. Again, the College performed in many sections and congratulations goes to all performers and directors for their hard work and effort, which resulted in excellent awards.

To further add to this eventful term, the Somerset Festival for Young Performers was yet again another success with students both performing and volunteering over the weekend. Thanks must go to all staff, parents, student volunteers and guests involved to make this even run smoothly and making sure there were no mishaps throughout the festival.

After the roller coaster that is Term Three, we have just a few more events left in Term Four to wrap up the school year.

Right off the bat, in Week Two, is Cultural Collage. This event marks the highlight of the Performing Arts efforts during the year. During this cracker of an evening, you will be treated to a smorgasbord of music, theatre, and writing. Look forward to it, with more details to be released next term.

Following Cultural Collage are two events highlighting the efforts of students taking extracurricular lessons.

First of all, we have the Day of Dance, well, really a weekend of dance, which features all of the students from Prep to Year 12 who involve in dance lessons, performing in a variety of styles. Come along and support your dancing friends, children or siblings in what will be a jam-packed performance. More details to come.

The Singing Concert is an evening in Towers Quad featuring all students who take singing lessons, who will have the opportunity to show an audience how they have been developing their vocal skills this year. The theme is 80s/90s so it is sure to be a nostalgic and groovy evening under the stars.

To cap off this jam packed year is Scholars’ Day on the very last day of school, where several choirs and ensembles will punctuate the speeches and awards with musical interludes and will say goodbye to the school year.

That is just a few of the events we have to look forward to next term in the Performing Arts. Not to mention Speech Concerts, Christmas Service, Christmas Plays, Musicale Performances, just to add a few. We look forward to seeing you at all these events.

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