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Performing Arts News - Week 2




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Week 2,
Term One, 2016

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As with all the other areas of the College, the Performing Arts Department started at full steam ahead and has continued that way throughout the first fortnight. Rehearsals for all the ensembles and House Plays are underway and both the Junior and Senior School Musicals are already in the throes of rehearsal for their shows.

Brass Ensemble

Another Welcome to Staff

We would like to welcome Mrs Alicia John to the Co-curricular Department this year. Mrs John is joining us to teach piano and will join our piano teaching team with the burgeoning piano enrolments we have. She is also replacing Mrs Katherine Bartlett. Mrs Bartlett is not able to join us this year. We are sure all will give Mrs John a warm Somerset welcome.


This week has seen some of our ensembles already performing in the College Community. The Brass Ensemble have well and truly brushed the cobwebs from their instruments and used their skills at the Senior School Cum Laude Assembly by accompanying the National Anthem. Today saw the Senior Concert Band contribute during the Year 12 Investiture Service. The band provided the processional and recessional as well accompanying the hymns. It just shows how quickly the students slip back into the groove of playing and how adept they are at getting ready for performance. Well done to all!

House Plays

The House Plays productions are well and truly underway, with casting having taken place and rehearsals happening in various spaces in the Performing Arts Theatre. All cast members are encouraged to keep abreast of their rehearsal commitments - this is a collaborative process in which every member of the House team is important for the success of the final production. Rehearsal schedules have been given to all cast members, and can also be found on Schoolbox.

Co-curricular Lessons

Co-curricular lessons should now be settling and the majority would be in their lessons. If you have enrolled students and they have not yet received lessons or been notified of their times please contact so this can be followed up.

Dance and Cheer Lessons

Dance and Cheer lessons should also have now settled and all classes well under way. The times and venues for the lessons can be found on the College website, under the tab Student Life. When an enrolment has been placed, students are welcome to attend the next scheduled lesson. If there is a problem with class size, parents will be notified, so, please have students attend after submitting the form. There will be no formal notification of acceptance into class. All queries regarding dance lessons are to be emailed to


The following students have received awards for their outstanding results in their examinations last year. These students have received the top marks in Queensland for their levels. Congratulations and well done to all!


  • Gold - Nicola Swainson
  • Silver - Rhea Dawson, Darcy Halloran, Abigail Van Den Brink, Raahul Ramani, Jessica Jeffriess, Liam Kiddle


  • Gold - Emmeline Anthony
  • Silver - Sasha Hanford


  • Gold - Sofia Arase
  • Silver - Victoria Huang, Mia Huang

Grade 1

  • Silver - Sophie Darben

Grade 3

  • Gold - Aaron Lim

Grade 4

  • Gold - Nik Frauenfelder
  • Gold - Jenna Goldie

Grade 6

  • Gold - Bill Carrett

Grade 7

  • Gold - Declan Roberts
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