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Performing Arts News - Week 3




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Week 3,
Term One, 2016

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The Department has been a little quieter this week with the Year 7 students away on their camp. We look forward to being regaled by their tales of adventures on their return and to their return to rehearsals next week.

Continuing Our Staff Welcomes

We would like to welcome back Mr Craig Alloway to the Co-curricular Department this year. Mr Alloway will be re-joining us to teach Brass to complement our teaching team with the Year 4 band as well as instrumental teaching. Mr Alloway will be supplementing our brass teaching as Mr Liddell has had to limit his time with us. We are sure all will give Mr Alloway a warm Somerset welcome on his return.

Upcoming Performances

The upcoming week sees the members of Department from the various Houses participating in the music making at their respective House Chapels. Next week sees Franklin and Andrews House Chapels on Tuesday (Franklin) and Wednesday (Andrews) evenings. Students involved in the music for these Chapels need to be in attendance by 5.15pm in order to set up for the service. Senior School musicians in each of these Houses need to ensure they bring their instruments on appropriate days and to keep a keen eye and ear on the Notices for their rehearsal times. Instrumentalists will be accompanying the hymns whilst the choristers will be providing an anthem in the worship service. Laver, Starkey and Veivers House Chapels, along with the Junior School Family Chapel Service, are in the following week (Week 5).

House Plays

Rehearsals for the House Plays Festival productions are well and truly underway, with all sorts of interesting characters taking shape within our theatre spaces. Damsels, frogs, Hamlet, zombies and dogs are all running wild, bringing madness, mayhem and hilarity to the Performing Arts Centre. All performers are asked to keep a check on the House Plays Schoolbox page for all of the latest news. Additionally, tickets are now on sale here.

Week 4 Co-curricular Lessons

With regards to co-curricular lessons during Week 4, as the teachers come in on specific days, the lessons will remain on their normal days. The Monday/Friday timetable change is only for the academic timetable.


Apologies to Tom Halloran who was inadvertently left off the list last week of those students who received awards for their outstanding results in their examinations last year. Tom, along with the others listed last week, received a Gold medal for his Grade 2 examination, presented to those who received the top marks in Queensland for their levels. Congratulations and well done, Tom!

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