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Performing Arts News - Week 4




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Week 4,
Term One, 2016

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This week has seen the close of auditions for the Senior School Musical. Casting is now in the process of happening. These auditions were for principal roles only. Any students are more than welcome to join the cast at the Thursday lunchtime and Thursday after school rehearsals.

The musical is open to any Senior School students and no audition is necessary to be part of the chorus. Information regarding the rehearsal schedule can be obtained from any of the Performing Arts staff at the College and can be seen on the notice board in the breezeway next to PA 24.

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Upcoming Performances

Next week see the continuation of the House Chapel Services, with Laver (Monday 22 February), Starkey (Tuesday 23 February) and Veivers (Thursday 25 February). Musicians from these Houses will be participating in the worship at the Service. Students are reminded that they will need their instruments on the appropriate days. Students will need to be in attendance no later than 5.15pm on their respective evenings for set-up purposes.

Next Monday 22 February sees the Junior School musicians as members of the Melodic Mynas choir take their place in participating in their Chapel Service.

House Plays

Last weekend saw the first of the House Plays Sunday rehearsals. Students have all received information regarding the expectations at these rehearsals, and have all been given permission forms which parents should have seen and signed. This Sunday, the House Plays casts once again have a Sunday rehearsal which will run from 9.00am to 3.00pm. Students are reminded to keep directors informed if there is a necessary, but unexpected, absence from these Sunday rehearsals.

The Surfer and the Mermaid

This beautiful production is really starting to take shape with the young cast working very hard to produce an exceptional show. If any parents are keen to assist with any preparation over the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Katrina Fisher.


This week has seen some of our smaller ensembles participate in the Chapel Services. On Tuesday evening, a band of instrumentalists from Franklin House contributed to the Franklin House Service by accompanying the various hymns and songs throughout the Service, as well as a group of young choristers who performed an anthem. This was quickly followed on Wednesday evening by an equally talented group of instrumentalists and choristers from Andrews House, who contributed to their House Service. The Chapel Choir and Band has now become an established part of the House Services. It is quite remarkable to see these young people in action, especially as we are so early in the year. Well done to all those young musicians!

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