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Pole Vault Programme Takes Off




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Week 9, Term Two, 2018

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Students eagerly embraced a new opportunity launched at Somerset College, as a result of the Commonwealth Games. On Tuesday 5 June the College held its inaugural Pole Vault training session and it’s fair to say our students were keen to try something new.

Around 40 students from Year 5 to Year 12 attended as our new Coach Howard Arbuthnot introduced some of the fundamental skills of the sport. According to Coach Howard it was clearly evident of the potential that lies within, “Who knows where some of these students could be after a couple of years training. What a fantastic response to the beginning of a new programme.”

2018 - T2 - W9 - pole vault

Over the course of the two-hour session, introductory skills such as pole grip and placement was covered. When moving over to the long jump pit, a simulated runway approach, plant and take off took place and the students put their newfound skills into practice. If Tuesday’s session was any indication, it will not be long before we see our students scaling to new heights as they improve their knowledge, skill and understanding of the sport.

The Pole Vault Pit and subsequent equipment is a result of the recent Commonwealth Games Training Camps held at the College and the new programme is just one example of the many Legacies created from GC2018.

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