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Week 2, Term Two, 2019

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Saturday saw the first Gold Coast Regional All Schools Rowing Association Regatta of the season, hosted by Somerset College and held on the notoriously windy waters of Coomera Lake. However, our novice rowers, competing for the first time, were lucky as the day started calm with blue skies before a blustery southerly sprang up mid-morning that then continued throughout the day.

Wind is the scourge of rowers, making it hard to stay in lanes, chopping up the water and increasing the risk of capsizing. However, despite the wind, our rowers showed true Spartan spirit by giving it their all and coming away with some great results.

Somerset parent volunteers also showed Spartan spirit with marathon efforts in the canteen tent preparing, cooking and selling food and drink to 240 competitors and families as well as driving official boats, assigning bow numbers, erecting tents and the myriad of other jobs that need to be done when hosting a regatta. We really could not do any of it without you.

As always, a big thank you also goes out to all the coaches who ensured rowers were out on the water at the right time, with the right boat and the right crew.

A complete list of official results can be found here. The next regatta is 11 May, 2019 back out on Coomera Lake.

First Places

Year 8 Novice Singles – Lillian Tan
Year 8 Girls Doubles – Eliza Strong, Georgia Daly (Div 2)
Year 8 Girls Quad - Eliza Strong, Lauren Taylor-Girdler, Georgia Daly, Lillian Tan, Cox: Jasper Mansel
Year 9 Girls Quad - Eden Dovrat, Jessica Velloza, Katherine Jordan, Nathalie Brown, Cox: Eliza Strong
Year 9 Boys Doubles – Callum McClure, Raffi Anderson (Div 1)
Jasper Mansell, Thomas Gray (Div 2)
Year 9 Boys Single – Thomas Kilmartin
Year 10 Boys Single – Nicholas Tan (Div 2)
Austin Macrossan (Div 3)
Year 10 Boys Doubles – Cameron Smith, Callum McClure (Div 1)
Joshua Mills, Fergus McKeon (Div 2)
Schoolgirls Single – Zara Smith (Div 2)
Schoolboys Double – Declan Thew, Joe Lanham (Div 1)
Schoolboys Quad - Jack Daly, Julius Wright, Declan Thew, Joe Lanham, Cox: Austin Macrossan
Schoolboys Eight - Min Jae Kyeong, Anthony McKenna, Jack Daly, Samuel Liu, Thomas Liu, Julius Wright, Declan Thew, Joe Lanham, Cox: Austin Macrossan

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