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Week 4, Term Three 2017

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The Year 12 IB Diploma students ran Somerset’s first Pyjama Day, Friday 28 July. The purpose of this event was to raise funds in order to support the Pyjama Foundation, an organisation dedicated to assisting children in foster care, to change the direction of their lives through education.

A cool Friday morning was perfect for many students and staff to bust out their warmest flannelette pj's and turn up to school as if for a winter sleepover. Many in the school community were seen in pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns, in a variety of different styles (notable mention must go to Mr Singh’s Pokemon onesie, which caused my jaw to drop until I saw a whole crew of Year 9 boys ALL wearing the same ones).

The day then culminated in a dodgeball competition in the Quad, with two staff teams competing. The Quad was abuzz with students and staff enjoying this spectacle. The Year 12 boys' team particularly vigorous in their attempts to plant a dodgeball into the head of a staff member. It was all a lot of fun, and the mood at the College - with many in their pyjamas - was relaxed and cosy.

The money raised was close to $2000 and I am sure that the Pyjama Foundation will make good use of these funds in order to carry on their wonderful work.

I would like to congratulate the Year 12 IB Diploma students for organising this day from conception to completion.

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