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Week 1, Term Three, 2018

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Throughout Term Two students in the Junior and Senior School participated in the Readers Cup. The Readers Cup competitions challenge students to read a range of books, collaborate in a team and develop a love of reading.

The Cup involves each team to read five novels, chosen by the regional co-ordinators, they are then quizzed on them against other schools from the region.

As a team the Year 5 and 6 girls, Abigail Brinkworth, Advika Srivastav, Noa Chester-Haviv, Penelope Deacon and Sophia Ahern, worked beautifully together and this resulted in our best result to date. We came fourth overall with only three points between us and the winning team.

The books read this year were Goldfish Boy, by Lisa Thompson, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, by Stephanie Burgis, Fish in a Tree, by Lynda Mellaly Hunt, Finding Gobi: Younger Readers Edition, by Dion Leonard and May Tang: a New Australian, by Katrina Beikoff.

This year we entered the same Senior team as last year, at the students' request. The team consisted of Angus Millar, Callum McClure, Claudia Crimmins, Phoenix Chapman and Riley Davenport from Year 8. The students showed their team work and reading skills but mostly how much they enjoy the competition.

Next year we will be looking for more students to compete in the competition as it was the last year that these students can compete. I look forward to seeing who will step up to take their places.

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