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Week 4, Term Three, 2018

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In our world of fake news and clickbait, being able to navigate the landscape with words is more urgent than ever before. As more of our life slides onto the web we need to comprehend what we are reading and be able synthesise this into thought and opinion.

Just as there is no shortcut to losing weight (move more, eat less) improving literacy follows the same logic – we need to read.

There is no snobbery from us about what our students are reading – have they read it before? Do we think it is not sophisticated enough? Not important. What is important is that our students are reading and that we are fostering the freedom to read. This term we have some exciting events coming up that celebrate reading.

Book Week is in Week 6 (20 to 24 August) and to celebrate we have our annual Book Fair and Book Character Day (Wednesday 22 August). The Premier’s Reading Challenge is running throughout the term and we finish off the term with our Onezie Party where we participate in The Reading Hour.

At its simplest - find books they like, give them access and space to read. We have a lot of resources available to help you in this space on our library site.

Amazing Librarians who read a lot and have great book suggestions:

Join the student run Somerset Bookclub

Storybox Library


Audio Books

Books and Reading guides with suggestions

What to read next lists for all ages

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