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Week 7, Term One, 2018

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As part of community service a group of Middle Years Programme Year 6 students are preparing a mass recycling drive. We will ask all Somerset families for all used cans and plastic bottles to be brought into the College.

During a very hot Thursday in Week 6, over 30 students from the Junior School stepped up to clean up Somerset College, as part of Clean Up Australia Day. We covered the area from Prep to Year 6 and were surprised by the amount of rubbish we found. Shoes, chip packets, balls, bottles, lunchboxes and more were discovered, scattered through the grounds. Although it was great to clean it all up, it was surprising to see the hidden waste around our College.

Our next mission is a recycle collection. Your recyclable donations will be collected and taken to the Return and Earn Scheme container in Chinderah, where eligible drinks containers receive a 10c Refund. Our project will provide a great way for us to be involved in recycling in our College community, reduce landfill, and help raise money for sustainable charities.

Please bring your waste into the College and support our Sustainable Spartan recycle initiative. More information on where to drop your recyclables will follow on Schoolbox.

Clean Up Australia Day - Remember: Pick it up. Bin it. Take 3 for the Sea!

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