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Week 7,
Term One, 2017

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Next week, the 24th Somerset Celebration of Literature unfolds on the grounds of Somerset College and around venues on the Gold Coast. Widely regarded as Australia’s premiere youth writer’s festival, this is our celebration of literature and a rich annual opportunity for our students.

As our campus transforms and welcomes authors and students from around Australia, our students are provided with the opportunity to immerse themselves in literature. Authors, through their craft, develop characters and plots that have the ability to make us stop and think or whisk us away to worlds far removed from our own.

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Anita Silvey writes in her book Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book that “when we give children books, we become part of their future, part of their most cherished memories and part of their entire lives.” Her book is a collection of essays from notable people on "What children's book changed the way you see the world?" The answers are as varied as the individuals themselves, but each talks about the startling powers that books possess and the values that they instilled them.

Our Celebration of Literature offers the possibilities for our students and the many that attend, of discovering new writers and making new connections with books and ideas, as well as meeting authors that they admire. The festival provides an opportunity for authors to talk about ideas and issues that matter. For writers, the festival is an occasion for them, in what is often a solitary pursuit, to engage with fans of their work, introduce their books to new readers and more widely discuss their ideas and craft with an audience. The food, setting, and our very special festival atmosphere creates the space where the magical can happen and the ordinary is suspended for the three days of the festival.

With a wide range of community and adult events, we hope that many of you will find an opportunity to join us or to visit the Festival Bookshop located in Towers Quad. Information on the Festival can be found on the Celebration of Literature website, or please click here for a copy of the Festival Guide.

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