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Week 9, Term One, 2019

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Nine Somerset College students competed in the annual event, at which high school students from across the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales formed a Model United Nations Assembly. Each team represented a country and had to state their countries' perspectives on various global issues. The day was a great success and enjoyable for all.

As long as you’re talking, you’re not fighting.” This Ted Turner quote represents the essence of what I believe everyone took away from Rotary MUNA last Saturday: as future leaders of the world, we must use the oration and advocacy skills learned through these activities to achieve a better world and a brighter future.

Somerset College was represented by three teams this year:

Representing China: Isla Clancy (11), Montana MacFarlane (12) and Shauna English (11). Representing Japan: Nada Wilson (10), Brianne Major (10) and Leigh Amores (10). Representing New Zealand: Guilia Provenzano (10), Alyssa Littleton (12) and Olivia Sutton (11).

New Zealand received particularly favourable comments from the judges, who praised us for our dual commitment to our nation’s perspective and UN goals. Being a delegate for New Zealand at such a sad time allowed myself and my teammates to really focus on how the recent Christchurch disaster did and still does affect the nation.

Understanding the United Nations’ role in maintaining international peace and security allowed each team to find out how significantly involved the UN is with today’s political, economic and social issues. My peers and I developed an awareness of the United Nations by debating about topical world issues through this Rotary youth programme.

The day began with an introduction to MUNA, which aided in calming everyone's jitters – Model UN debate has a unique format and many participants were brand new to the activity. A heated discussion on 'The Question of Global Climate' soon followed, with all delegates finding their passionate voices quickly. Other resolutions debated were, 'Regulating International Migration' and 'Win-Win Cooperation for the Common Cause of Human Rights'. The MUNA event became what felt like a true United Nations Assembly.

I would recommend MUNA to anyone. The wonderful refreshments and mingling with new people throughout the day kept the mood informal, and not only are you able to step outside your comfort zone and have new experiences, but you meet new people and build on your confidence. All Year 10 to 12 students should definitely sign up and see what it’s like next year.

I would also like to give many thanks to Miss Burgess, who was a wonderful Secretary General on the day, as well as a great mentor to all the Somerset teams prior to MUNA. Her guidance made the day even more exceptional!

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