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Safer Internet Day: Show Respect Online




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Week 3, Term One, 2018

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Safer Internet Day is an annual, global event held in 130 countries on Tuesday 6 February, 2018, with this year’s theme, “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.” This day is a great opportunity to remind all members of our community of the importance of respect in everything we do online.

Students have been reminded through banners in Schoolbox and digital signage around the campus just how they can stay respectful and be safe, smart and responsible online. Some of the key messages from Safer Internet Day are:

  • Ask before tagging someone in a picture or video
  • Make sure your online posts pass the Nana test
  • Share respect, not other people’s pictures and videos online
  • Show respect online – respect and celebrate diversity and our community
  • Would you be okay to receive what you’re about to send? Think before you click for a better Internet for all.
  • Do you respect your privacy online? Have you ever thought about how much personal information you share? Take a new direction. A better Internet starts with you.

Junior School students have been completing pledges sharing in their own words just how they will show respect online this year. We encourage everyone to discuss what respect online looks like and why it matters.

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