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Week 4, Term Three, 2018

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Disposable cups present a global environmental issue, but there is a relatively simple solution. In just a few years KEEPCUP users alone will have diverted 3.5 billion cups from landfill – and were just getting started.

This week we SALUTE THE RESUER within our working College and encourage our fellow students, colleagues and our community to embrace the reusable cups.

The College staff embracing the KEEPCUP revolution within the workplace. From left to right, Craig Bassingthwaighte, David Thornton, Kylie Sherrington, Kylie Radcliffe, Royce Smith, Helen Hocking, Stephen Walther, Suzie Frawley, Eleanor Amores, Heidy Barbera and Kate Andrews.

Use a reusable shopping bag, drink bottle and start making a daily difference, the best reusable is the one that you USE.

Keeps cups are readily available to purchase at both The Bird and Bush (Retail Centre) and Café Mackenzie in both a small and medium size. Not only will you be using a reusable cup and begin to make a difference but your hot/cold drink is charged at $2.50 per cup on presentation of your cup – our little way to thank you for supporting our reuse revolution. (Please note that extras are still charge at normal pricing of $0.50 each).

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