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Week 1, Term Three, 2018

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Senior School students took advantage of the School Holiday Strength and Conditioning Clinics to gain experience and develop skills in the gym. Individual goal setting worksheets, provided students with the knowledge to turn their health and sporting aspirations into measurable steps and outcomes.

From the Clinics, students gained an insight that fitter, faster and stronger have different definitions for each sport, athlete and situation.

From: “I want to be stronger” - To: “Complete 10 body weight pull ups/Squat my body weight” From: “I want to be faster” - To: “Maintain 4min/km pace for 5km/Sprint 100m in under 12sec”

These individual goals formed the basis for exercise selection and programming each session. Many students will continue their Strength and Conditioning development throughout Term Three via APS Sport specific sessions.

The Fitness Centre Gym is available Monday to Saturday for Senior student use.

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