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Week 5, Term Three, 2017

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Some impressive exhibits were entered into the College's Science Competition this year. The event, held Wednesday 19 July, during the annual Science Week, showcased students' work from Pre-Prep to Year 12.

The diverse range of topics captured the wide variety of areas within the sciences our students have developed an interest in. Science exhibits consisted of student made models representing the effects of human activities on the long term health and well-being of humans, as well as posters detailing scientific investigations students had planned and carried out addressing real life applications or an importance to local, national or global issue or problem.

Students investigated topics ranging from ‘How Does the Addition of Sodium Citrate Impact the Rate of Coagulation’ to ‘The effect of acid rain on agriculture’ and ‘Exploring the Relationship between the Concentration of the Element Nitrogen and Algal Growth and Photosynthesis’.

The evening was also an opportunity to recognise the achievements of our Year 12 students and the completion of their last Scientific Investigation within Biology, Physics or Chemistry.

The following students achieved First Place:

Kevin Song, Year 10 - Secrets of the Oceans

Desmond Chuah, Year 9 - Seawater, the Futures Energy

Nada Wilson, Year 8 - Oral Cavity Carcinoma

Anna Georgeson, Year 7 - The Effect of Acid Rain on Agriculture

Leo Kelly Correa, Year 5 - Gravity World

Michael Klaassen, Year 4 - Weak Bridge, Strong Bridge

Magnus Anthony, Year 3 - Exercise and Memory

Nicholas Klaassen, Year 2 - A Fraction too Much Friction

Daniel Klaassen, Year 1 - Keep the Noise Down

Sybella Burnell, Prep - Gravity

A special congratulations to Jensen Just who was awarded the Bridges Shield for his investigation ‘Structural Applications for Paper Tubes’. This award represents Clinton and Darren Bridges who were students at Somerset College; with Darren winning the most prestigious BHP Billiton Award. This award is for an outstanding investigation in either Years 9 or 10. An investigation that is unusual, something a bit different.

On behalf of the Science Department we would like to thank parents and students that supported the evening and the many other activities that were offered throughout Science Week.

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