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Week 2, Term Three, 2018

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On Wednesday of Week 1, five Somerset College students (Ricky Li, James Enwright, Sarah-Anne Hornsey, Katie O’Loughlin and myself) embarked on an incredible journey to the University of Queensland to complete in the State titles of the Australian Brain Bee competition on neuroscience. Immediately when entering the Brain Institute, the five of us were in awe of the amazing facilities on offer at the University.

After the official introduction we completed the individual’s competition. It was a difficult test, but I believe we all gave it our best try. Then we commenced the tour around the Brain Institute campus. We looked into some of the various technological devices being used for scientific research at the labs, as well as looking at the worm labs and extracting a strawberries DNA.

2018 - T3 - W2 - science snippets

After lunch we took a bus over to the Brisbane Convention Centre to complete in the teams competition. After the two hour competition of reading posters and gathering information we placed second overall. It was an amazing effort from all members of the team putting in 100 per cent effort, which in the end paid off.

We received our medal and certificate on stage and collected our prizes. We then commenced the journey home from Brisbane all amazed at what we had just experienced at UQ. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience like no other.

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