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Week 4,
Term Three, 2016

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Somerset College celebrated our sensational scientists at the recent Somerset College Science Competition Awards Evening. With a record number of 601 entries, there was a showcase of innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

From models to investigations, the standard of student work was a true indication of the high calibre of scientific research conducted here at Somerset in the Sciences. The evening was well attended by students, teachers, parents, carers and extended families.

Winner of this year’s prestigious award The Bridges Shield, for their investigation on ‘Impact of Hull Design on Vehicle Protection', Kydra Walden (Year 10 Student), has a few words to say about his experience as a young Somerset Scientist ...

‘On Thursday 21 July, Somerset held its annual science competition evening, showcasing some of the College’s budding young scientists. Over the past weeks, students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 have conducted experiments, written reports on scientific investigations covering a diverse array of topics from all aspects of the Sciences. As to be expected, the entries were of the highest quality reflecting each student’s commitment and love for the subject. A select few were even lucky enough on the night to take out prizes for their efforts, including some high-achieving Year 10 students that will receive their research assignments published in the Somerset Journal of Scientific Issues.

I, was also honoured enough to be this year’s recipient of the Bridges Shield Award. I received this year’s award for my enquiry into how “Hull design impacts vehicle protection”. I explored the physics behind an armoured vehicle and how alternating hull design impacts the automobiles response to a blast. From what started off as background reading and an interest in the particular field, I produced a quality investigation that has both challenged and excited me, extending my thought process.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the investigation and it has been significant in opening my eyes to science and technology and how it is applied in a real-life context. It is evident that science is all around us and will remain so forever as we move forward in an ever growing society. As a recipient of this year’s Bridges Shield I was both shocked and delighted to receive such an award, considering the outstanding quality of entries across my cohort not to mention the rest of the Senior School. This year saw a record amount of entries as well as the addition of a new category - the classified collections. Although this new addition may have been overlooked this year round, I highly encourage everyone to be involved, making the most of the opportunities at hand.

All round it was a fantastic night held by the Science Department. I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Wylie, Head of Department - Science, for hosting a fantastic evening and sharing with us her passion and commitment to the subject. A highlight of the school year, be sure to mark it in your calendar- Somerset Science Fair 2017.’

For the Junior School, holidays can be a great time for getting your child ‘working scientifically’; looking for something to do in the next Christmas break, why not create a Science-based game or undertake an investigation – all information is on your child’s class page on Schoolbox. Students in Years 6 to 12, why not research and build a Classified Collection – you have all been emailed the information! Never too early to start to think about the 2017 Somerset College Science Competition – see you there!

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