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Week 5, Term Two, 2020

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As we transitioned to Somerset@Home, Schoolbox moved to become the classroom “space” and its use cases were expanded across all areas of College life. The amazing statistics below tell the story of maintaining relationships, connection and academic rigour during shutdown.

Behind each of these numbers and these activities has been our teachers and students, hard at work sharing, caring, learning, giving feedback and communicating. Our platform has supported the student-teacher relationships at this time and allowed us to keep connected and engaged.

During Somerset@Home, we’ve had:

• Blog Posts - 2,961
• Social Stream Posts - 39,208
• Due Work Submitted - 25,098
• Quiz Attempts - 3,692
• Zoom Sessions - 6,743
• Clickview Video Views - 26,420

We have seen teachers confidently zooming, screen-casting, creating videos, blogging and reverse engineering their teaching to adapt to the new environment - so much agility in an uncertain time. They’ve been supported by amazing teacher-assistant and the IT team.

We have seen students respond to new ways of working and learning, communicate with their teachers over Zoom, collaborate with peers online, take responsibility for organisation and time management, share insights into their lives over Zoom and continue to build relationships. They’ve learnt and exhibited so many fantastic 21st century skills during this time.

And to wrap up, for the statistic lovers amongst us, those 6743 meetings have equated to 2,914,08 minutes of Zoom or 5.5 years of meetings with 159,945 participants. That is a lot of face time, a lot of hellos and a lot of goodbyes.

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