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Week 3, Term Three, 2018

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Somerset College's budding scientists recently participated in the RACI Titration competition. This competition involved an epic science battle between array of teams with three students, from many different schools.

Representing Somerset was the famous, ‘Titration Nation’ team of Ali, Jason and Grace, unfortunately Ali was unwell that day and our Captain Solange came to the rescue to compete their team. Also representing the College was the competent Year 11 team of Kevin, Ainsley and Chad as well as the Year 10 team debut consisting of Desmond, Jacinta and MinJae. However, perhaps the most exciting entry was the Titration Nation 2.0 team of Abhinay, Benjamin and Mohnish aiming to shake the competition up and claim the champion title.

During the fierce 1.5-hours, the scientists had to titrate acids and bases. More specifically, they were given hydrochloric acid of an explicit concentration and sodium hydroxide base with an unknown concentration. They had to slowly mix the sodium hydroxide with 25ml of the acid until the solution turned light pink. At this point, the amount of sodium hydroxide added had to be recorded and specific calculations were used to determine the concentration of this substance.

Seems difficult huh? Well after that, they then had to use this sodium hydroxide and the calculated concentration to find the concentration of another substance, acetic acid. To make matters more challenging, these scientists had to ensure they were precise and accurate with their measurements. Even just one extra drop of sodium hydroxide could mean that their measurements would be inaccurate, their calculations would be affected and their solution would turn bright pink (which was a little embarrassing).

In the end, the aim was to find the correct concentration of acetic acid. Somerset is very lucky to have MinJae, Desmond and Jacinta as well as the legendary 'Titration Nation' place equal fifth in the competition. Although our Titration Nation 2.0 team was unable to get a place, it was certainly an interesting and worthwhile experience.

Thanks to Mrs Amores and Ms Hyman for teaching and preparing us for the day and supporting us through the competition.

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