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Week 10, Term Two, 2018

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Friday in Week 10, we had the second day of the House Athletics Trials, in preparation for next term’s House Athletics Carnival on 26 and 28 July, to be followed by Day 1 of APS Summer Sport Trials. Athletics practices will continue over the school holiday period.

Netball - Under 13

The Somerset Under 13 Netball Team finished second in their division at the Hinterland District Netball Association Netball tournament last weekend. A great effort following a good APS Season. Many thanks to coaches Mrs McLaughlin and Mrs Seymour.

Cross Country

The Queensland Cross Country Relay Championships took place last Saturday at Nudgee College.

Somerset teams performed very well with the following results:
5th - 14yrs Girls: Jemma Clements, Riley Davenport, Emily Macbeth
6th - 15yrs Girls: Miku Adachi, Lizzie Garratt, Lila Horobin
4th - 16yrs Boys: Noah Jay, Nick Tan, Troy Turman

APS Summer Season 2018

All students have been emailed the link to sign up for this season. Sports include Basketball, AFL, Touch, Tennis, Water Polo, Cricket and Softball. Students should be prepared to consider other sports if required. If on the long-term injured list and seeking to join the Rehab Group, parents must forward a medical certificate to the College Nurse with all relevant information.

Track and Field Season 2018

Practices have started. Join Somerset’s biggest team at the Track. Practices are daily and optional, beginning at 7.00am sharp, concluding at 8.15am.

Mondays and Wednesday: SS Jumps and Throws, JS Track
Tuesdays and Thursdays: JS Jumps and Throws, SS Track
Fridays: All events for JS and SS


7.00am to 8.15am: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Term Three

Daily 7.00am
Athletics Practices (Somerset Track)

Thursday 26 July
Day 1 of the Senior School House Athletics Carnival
Friday 27 July
Day 1 of the Junior School House Athletics Carnival
Saturday 28 July
Day 2 of the Junior and Senior Schools' House Athletics Carnival

Friday 3 August
Summer Sports Trials #2/2 APS Javelin/ 1500m Events

Wednesday 8 August
APS Athletics Carnival at Somerset

Somerset Sport Policy

All policies and procedures are outlined in the Senior School Sport page of Schoolbox, under “Sport Policy and Dates”. All students and parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these.

Please note, practices are compulsory for both Winter and Summer Seasons.

APS Sport Photos
Click here to access photos of your sport or your team.

All Season details on Schoolbox Senior School Sports page. (“Winter Sports” tile for all season dates, and training schedules of the APS Season)

Sports Information

  • Don’t forget to check the Somerset Schoolbox Senior School Sport Page, as well as the noticeboard at the end of the Science Block for all Sports notes.

  • If you need more information, drop by the Sports Office.

  • The Sports page link must be added to your Schoolbox.

  • If you need more information, drop by the Sports Office in the Ray Building.

Student Injuries: If your son or daughter is injured at school sport, it must be recorded at the time by the school nurse/medical person present if parents wish to apply through the school insurance policy. If delayed signs or symptoms arise over the weekend, students must notify the school nurse on Monday morning.

All sporting details are posted on Schoolbox on the Sports page.

  • go to “My Links” at the bottom left of your Schoolbox page and click ‘Edit”

  • at “Manage my Links”, click “+” at the top right of page

  • paste the link below and add title “Senior School Sport”:

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