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Week 2, Term Three, 2018

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This week we hold the Annual House Athletics Carnival over three days, with Senior School on Thursday, Junior School on Friday and all Year 3 to 12 students on Saturday. Athletics practices continue daily at the Track. Next week the APS Summer Sports Trials resume.

State Cross Country Titles

Darcy Halloran and Jessica Cook ran at the Queensland Cross Country Titles early this term. Darcy finished 18th in the state and was first from South Coast to cross the line at Maroochydore. Darcy’s team received a bronze in the Relay Championship. Jessica finished 24th in the state and was fifth from South Coast. Her team placed seventh in the Relay Championship.

Somerset Skiing

The Inaugural Somerset Snowsports Team trip was held 1 July through to 15 July 2018.

The students had skied/boarded heavily over the first week with the help of a professional race trainer in Falls Creek 1 to 8 July. – A big thank you to KOKI Alpine Lodge for donating the accommodation, ski/board hire, clothing hire and equipment hire and thank you to Falls Creek for their Race Coaching clinic.

On arrival to Thredbo for the second week of skiing/boarding racing, Somerset Snowsports started to turn heads immediately on the first day with three Gold medals and one Silver medal, which continued over the next few days.

**Overall for the Interschool Snowsports Championships Somerset achieved **

  • 16 - Gold medals
  • 4 - Silver medals
  • 4- Bronze medals

Please see below the final results:

10 July Snowboard Cross Division 3 Female and Male Team A Male:
GOLD: Marko Sugden and Arimasa Uchida

Individual: GOLD: Marko Sugden
SILVER: Momone Uchida

11 July Snowboard GS Division 3 Female and Male Team A Male:
GOLD: Marko Sugden and Arimasa Uchida

Individual: SILVER: Momone Uchida

SILVER: Marko Sugden
BRONZE: Arimasa Uchida

12 July Alpine GS Division 3 Female and Male Team A Male: GOLD: Oscar Filmer, Marko Sugden, Arimasa Uchida and Sasha Vitte

Individual: BRONZE: Eden Dovrat

SILVER: Arimasa Uchida
BRONZE: Oscar Filmer

13 July Skier Cross Division 1 Female Individual: BRONZE: Jolais Govenlock

13 July Skier Cross Division 2 Male Team A Male: BRONZE: Harrison Newing and Ashton Govenlock

13 July Moguls Division 3 Female and Male Individual: GOLD: Momone Uchida
GOLD: Arimasa Uchida

14 July Skier Cross Division 3 Male and Female
Team A Female:
GOLD: Momone Uchida and Eden Dovrat

Individual: GOLD: Momone Uchida

Team A Male:
GOLD: Arimasa Uchida and Oscar Filmer

Team B Male: SILVER: Marko Sugden and Sasha Vitte

Individual: BRONZE: Arimasa Uchida

Senior School House Athletics Carnival

Thursday 26 and Saturday 28 July
For the full programme of times and events, please click here.

  • Arrive: 8.15am on each day: students are to arrive in their House Sports uniform and move straight to their House tent area at the Track (rolls will be taken by PC leaders).
    Food and drinks: there will be coffee, food and drinks for sale, for both students and parents.
    Thursday: Track Kiosk (card and EPTPOS).
    Saturday: Track Kiosk (Smartcard, cash & EPTPOS), P&F Tent at end of Track (cash only)
  • Students should also bring snacks, a water bottle, hat and sunscreen.
  • Parents: are welcome to attend each day and it is recommended to bring a fold-up chair or rug to sit on but you are also welcome to move around with your son/daughter as they go through the rotation of events. Tents can also be set up at the southern end of the track.
  • Attendance: all students are expected to remain at the College until 3.30pm. Presentations will take place at the conclusion on Saturday. Please do not take your son/daughter home prior to this. We want to encourage a team approach and everyone is responsible for being a part of their House.
  • Saturday is the only day of the school year which students are required to attend sport on a weekend. As such, it is expected this be treated as a priority over other weekend commitments. Any concerns can be directed to Heads of House. Please understand most people have other commitments on this day but make arrangements to attend the Carnival all day.
  • Results: all results will be pinned up outside the timing room and posted on Schoolbox.

APS Carnival

Held Wednesday 8 August. Somerset are the three-time defending champions and the team will be announced the week after the Carnival. Practices continue daily at 7.00am at the track.

Somerset House Athletics Carnival: Selection Policy for APS Team

The Somerset House Athletics Carnival is not an APS “selection trial”. In each event, the top two place-getters do not automatically qualify for the Somerset APS Athletics Team. The Athletics coaches and Director of Sport maintain the right to make all selections, based on history of performance, recent form in class and practices and “best fit” for the team. A squad will be selected and the final team announced closer to the APS Athletics Carnival.
Students will not be considered for too many events due to fatigue/performance concerns. Absent students with legitimate excuses will not be disadvantaged in selection.
Reserves are reminded to bring their uniform on the day of competition, as it is likely that a number of reserves will be called upon to compete. Reserves may attend all day with the team or go to class, from which they will be sought if required.

APS Summer Season 2018

In Week 3, students will again trial for Summer Season sport, which include Basketball, AFL, Touch, Tennis, Water Polo, Cricket and Softball. Students should be prepared to consider other sports if required. If on the long-term injured list and seeking to join the Rehab Group, parents must forward a medical certificate to the College Nurse with all relevant information. Our first round will be versus Coomera Anglican on Friday, 10 August.

Track & Field Season 2018

Practices continue daily and begin at 7.00am sharp, concluding at 8.15am.
Mondays and Wednesday: SS Jumps and Throws, JS Track
Tuesdays and Thursdays: JS Jumps and Throws, SS Track
Fridays: All events for JS and SS

Term Three:

Daily 7.00am - Athletics Practices (Somerset Track)

Thursday 26 July - Day 1 of the Senior School House Athletics Carnival
Friday 27 July - Day 1 of the Junior School House Athletics Carnival

Saturday 28 July - Day 2 of the Junior and Senior Schools House Athletics Carnival

Friday 3 August - Summer Sports Trials #2/2
APS Javelin/1500m events

Wednesday 8 August - APS Athletics Carnival @ Somerset
Friday 10 August- APS Summer Season Sport vs Coomera

Somerset Sport Policy

All policies and procedures are outlined in the Senior School Sport page of Schoolbox, under “Sport Policy and Dates”. All students and parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these.

Please note, practices are compulsory for both Winter and Summer Seasons.

APS Sport Photos
Click here to access photos of your sport or your team.

All Season details on Schoolbox Senior School Sports page. (“Winter Sports” tile for all season dates, and training schedules of the APS Season)

Sports Information

  • Don’t forget to check the Somerset Schoolbox Senior School Sport Page, as well as the noticeboard at the end of the Science Block for all Sports notes.

  • If you need more information, drop by the Sports Office.

  • The Sports page link must be added to your Schoolbox.

  • If you need more information, drop by the Sports Office in the Ray Building.

Student Injuries: If your son or daughter is injured at school sport, it must be recorded at the time by the school nurse/medical person present if parents wish to apply through the school insurance policy. If delayed signs or symptoms arise over the weekend, students must notify the school nurse on Monday morning.

All sporting details are posted on Schoolbox on the Sports page.

  • go to “My Links” at the bottom left of your Schoolbox page and click ‘Edit”

  • at “Manage my Links”, click “+” at the top right of page

  • paste the link below and add title “Senior School Sport”:

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