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Week 4, Term Two, 2019

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Our Spartans teams had their final club games before a three week break. This time will provide the ideal opportunity to reflect on performances thus far, and strategise for improvement moving forward.

Round 6 Wrap Up

Somerset club team standings and top scorers are as below:

U9 Mixed Div 1: 6th place (Jack Pluss 8 points per game)
U11 Girls Blue Div 2: 3rd place (Emiti McNamara 7.5 points per game)
U11 Boys Blue Div 1: 5th place (Will Pluss 6.2 points per game)
U11 Boys Green Div 2: 5th place (Daniel Kim/Panteli Charisiou 2 points per game)
U11 Boys White Div 2: 3rd place (William Li 4.8 points per game)
U13 Girls Blue Div 2: 5th place (Maya Pearse 13.8 points per game)
U13 Boys Blue Div 2: 1st place (Benjamin Just 14.7 points per game)
U13 Boys Green Div 1: 7th place (Amon Watanabe 6.3 points per game)
U13 Boys White Div 3: 10th place (Tarang Kondamudi 5 points per game)
U13 Boys Black Div 4: 4th place (Tyler Luo 10.5 points per game)
U15 Girls Blue Div 1: 5th place (Ruby Partridge 9 points per game)
U15 Boys Blue Div 1: 10th place (Alex Psaras 7.2 points per game)
U15 Boys Green Div 3: 3rd place (Ali Cuhadaroglu 12.2 points per game)
U15 Boys White Div 4: 7th place (Harry Walters 12.3 points per game)
U15 Boys Black Div 3: 11th place (Benny Lu 5.8 points per game)
U17 Boys Blue Div 1: 8th place (Calvin Conley 14.4 points per game)
U17 Boys Green Div 2: 10th place (Frank Tomlinson 5.6 points per game)
U17 Boys White Div 3: 10th place (Xavier McMullen 10.8 points per game)
Open Girls Blue Div 1: 9th place (Katisha Webb 8 points per game)
Open Girls Green Div 2: 7th place (Claudia Crimmins 10.2 points per game)
U20 Boys Blue Div 1: 8th place (Dom Bensley 16.6 points per game)
U20 Boys Green Div 2: 6th place (Ahmet Cuhadaroglu/Luke Jackson 6 points per game)

Upcoming Tournaments

The growth and improvement of the Spartans Basketball program has resulted in several teams competing in tournaments across the Queensland, and heading to Melbourne for the National Championships too. In 2019, Spartans Basketball plans to send teams to the below tournaments to compete and represent their school's basketball club:
• U11 Club Championships in Caloundra (July 2019) Boys + Girls teams
• Gold Coast Invitational Basketball Tournament at Hillcrest Christian College (July 2019) 15 Year Boys, 15 Year Girls + Open Boys teams
• National Schools Championships in Melbourne (December 2019) U17 and Open Boys + Girls teams depending on numbers

Spartans of The Week

U13 Girls: Maya Pearse
Maya has been a leader in her team, and thrives in transition on both ends of the floor. She anticipates each possession and creates opportunities by reading the play and taking advantage of opposition players who are slow to react. Maya likes to get inside the paint and make a good read to either go all the way to the hoop or set up her team-mates in a better position. She is also a strong defender, and is an key cog in a competitive under 13 Spartans girls team, lead by her Dad, Coach Donovan Pearse. Keep up the great work and leadership Maya and team!

U13 Boys: James Hartley
James is a smart young player with a great basketball brain. He patiently breaks down defences by waiting for the right opportunity to attack, freezing his defender with his change of pace and playmaking ability. James is also a fantastic leader, communicator and has one of the best jump-shots in his age group, with great form and focus on display each and every shot attempt. He is in control with the ball in hand, and rarely rushes and takes a bad shot attempt or makes a silly pass. James is also passionate and competitive, and hates to lose, which is a great quality for any high potential player. Keep playing hard and leading from the front James, you are a great example to others at Spartans Basketball Club!

We Are Currently Looking For New Basketball Players To Join!
Any students interested in joining Somerset Spartans Basketball Club, please contact Mr Whish-Wilson ( or Coach Dean Marais ( for more info and details on how to sign up.

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