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Week 5, Term Three, 2019

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The Spartans Football Club played Round 18 of the Football Gold Coast Miniroos Competition at Somerset. This round saw just three teams playing.

The Under 9 versus TSS ended in a win for The Southport School. The boys did their best, which is just what the coaches are asking from the team. The Spartans had great goal in the second half from Daniel.

2019 - T3 - W5 - football

The Under 7 Blue played against Robina. The team enjoyed playing as a team and as a result scored some great goals, with the Spartans defeating Robina.

The Under 7 Green took on Tally Valley. The team dominated the game from start to end with no struggle over the Tally Valley Tigers.

The Under 7s finish their game and keep practising. They play with their mates, practice their passing, shooting, heading and their skills needed to beat an opponent. The continual practise makes them great footballers. They are difficult to get off the field!

The boys and girls from the Under 6 had a bye this weekend, a well-deserved rest for the players and parents. Next week they are back in action.

Please check the Football Club Schoolbox Page for more info.

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