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Week 4, Term Four, 2019

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The Under 8 Green, White and Blue came all out in action last week in the Varsity Champions League competition. The U15s played in The Carrara Elite League.

The **Green **kicked off first in their game versus Varsity Knights. We welcomed our latest signed Futsal player, Sehaj who scored in his debut for the Green team.

The Knights were better in first half, but Somerset took control of the second, resulting in a fair 4-all. A good performance from our Spartans.

The **White **team was playing versus the **Blue **team this week. To make the game challenging and exciting, we hustled the two teams to assess how the players react playing with other teammates.

All players enjoyed themselves versing each other.

After all U8 teams played their game, Somerset was invited to play an extra game. This was a big day for Zhander and Paxton who have played three games in all. It was great to see so many players interested in playing this unexpected extra game.

Under 15

Six points in one day for the U15 this week. Two wins from two games The first game verse Qwerty was a game where the boys could show their attacking combinations and work on their confidence in creating a lot of opportunities that led to fantastic goals.

The first moments into the second game were a shock. After one second the Spartans were one-nil down after the Dunkin Donuts scored directly from kick-off. The Spartans fought back and scored quickly off the equalizer. In the second half, the team defended, were very organised and didn’t give the opponent a chance. If the opponent came through, our goalkeeper Oliver Leal was ready to save the shots on goals. Raffi Anderson stood up in this game and organised the players around him.

Well done everybody. Next week we have two games waiting for us.

If any questions, please contact the coordinator of Football and Futsal:

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