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Week 2, Term One, 2019

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new Aqua and Deep Water Running Program. With feet firmly on the floor of the pool or supported by an aqua belt our Aqua and Deep Water Running classes will start your day with you feeling amazing and our night time classes will work out the frustrations of the day leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free.

Aqua and Deep Water Running

2019 - T1 - W2 - swimming stock

These classes:
• Suiting all fitness levels and all ages
• Fabulous friendly atmosphere ensuring you are having optimum fun whilst getting fitter
• Excellent for anyone recovering from injury or surgical procedures (please ensure you have sort medical advice and authority before commencing classes)
• Low impact on your body
• Conditioning targeting your core muscles
• Resistance training improving cardiovascular fitness and excellent for muscle toning

Class varieties such as Circuits, Interval Training and Core Strength targeting will keep you on your toes and ensure you are always receiving a full body workout whilst most importantly having fun.

We are looking to have a come and try week, for a free trial, beginning Monday 25 February. Class time and dates will be announced in the coming week and we look forward to you joining our great new programmes.

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