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Week 4, Term One, 2019

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It is exciting to report the Somerset Trisquad is out there and it is rolling. The past couple of weeks have been really motivating for all of those involved with the new Tri Squad at Somerset.

For myself as the coach, it has been a challenging opportunity to share experience and knowledge in developing young athletes in the, 'land of Triathlon'. For the youth athletes, heaps of smiles hidden under the, 'I’m struggling here!' faces during the hard sessions… a mixed feeling of accomplishment and pleasure that only sport can provide.

Our initial weeks are meant to introduce participants to the sport itself, change the mindset from independent sports (swim, bike and run) to thinking Triathlon as a whole, where each effort needs to be well distributed for full race performance.

We’ve been doing a lot of bike/run transitions: initially hard ride vs easy runs to understand the importance of pacing the efforts and will gradually build into race pace ride vs hard but smart paced running (for those who’d like to further read into it, Google: Meur et al. 2011. Relationships between triathlon performance and pacing strategy during the run in an international competition).

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