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Week 9, Term Two, 2017

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Tracey Williams will finish her employment at the end of Semester while Kerrie-Anne Neary finished her employment on Wednesday of this week. We wish both ladies all the best for their future endeavours and thank them for their work with our students.

Louise Ward will also leave Somerset at the end of this Semester. We thank Louise for almost five years of service to Somerset in her current role and previously as College Nurse; and look forward to seeing Louise around the campus when she is here with her boys.

Our GAP Staff work tirelessly during their time at Somerset and we extend our thanks and wish God’s richest blessing on Adrienne MacPhee, Kyla De Waal, Joe Stephen and Takunda (TK) Ndlovu as they return home.

We look forward to welcoming some new GAP Staff in Term Three.

Annette Tayler will remain on leave for Semester Two and Elena Kariolis will continue with Year 1T.

The following members of staff will take various periods of long service leave during Term Three and we wish them a relaxing and enjoyable break:

  • Jay Deacon

  • Nicole Fann

  • Damien Healy

  • Geoff Jones

  • Dallas O’Brien

  • Scott Walsh

We welcome those currently covering periods of leave:

  • Bethany Ravell who has been teaching Prep-B while Sandy Berghofer had some leave and will teach Year 2W while Lauren Wood extends her leave to the end of the year.

  • Kirk Drinan, Greg Cater, Amanda Butler and Yoshi Sumitomo who are here now covering leave for Adrian, Kim, Isao and Andrew.

We look forward to the return of Adrian Johnson, Kim Capper, Isao Kamei, from long service leave.

At the commencement of Term Three we will welcome: * Graham Wand who will cover Dallas’ classes.

  • Lola McLaughlin will take Geoff Jones’ classes.

  • Spencer Attoe will cover Scott Walsh’s long service leave.

  • Elliot Roberts who joins us to teach Year 4F while Nicole Fann takes some long service leave; and

  • Will Boston who returns to Somerset to teach Year 3.

  • Luke Spanner who has agreed to be the Acting Head Coach – Tennis during Jay’s leave.

Congratulations to the members of staff who have accepted new roles and responsibilities:

  • Jo Colligan who has been appointed full time Retail and Hospitality Assistant – Floor Supervisor

  • Helen Kane who becomes the Hospitality Assistant assisting catering (Jo’s previous role) on a part time term time basis.

  • Cassie Crisp has accepted a permanent appointment in her current role;

or have accepted permanent appointments:

  • Damien Coleman

  • Alison Conyngham

  • Anna D’Arcy

  • Tayla Haynes

  • Katie Hodge

  • Candice McKenna

  • Natalie Nugent

  • Brittany Seeney

  • Peter Singh.

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