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Week 1, Term Two, 2017

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Since the introduction late last year of online updating for personal and medical details, we have seen over 2000 updates made by parents. This year, we are further committed to reducing parent paperwork and streamlining administrative processes.

A specific permission form is no longer required for any compulsory excursion that occurs as part of a student’s timetabled classes or sport. Activities covered by the Service Fee are deemed a compulsory or curriculum activity and parental consent to these activities is agreed upon enrolment via the Parents’ Authority and Consent Form.

2017 - T2 - W1 - Streamlining Parental Permission

The College will still require a separate electronic permission form to be completed for any individual optional excursions, for school camps or overnight trips or for activities requiring an additional or optional payment outside of the services fee. This permission process is via My Somerset Community, and includes reviewing your child’s personal and medical details via the Details tab and completing the Excursion permission process, including, if relevant for any optional activities, online payment.

The full details of any excursions will be communicated via Schoolbox notices for both Senior and Junior School. We do remind parents and students to ensure that they are checking and reading the Schoolbox notices regularly.

If your child is unable to attend a scheduled and compulsory excursion, we do ask you to advise the College as soon as possible via email. Contact details to advise of student absences can be found under the contact section of the Somerset App.

At any time, when there are changes to personal, address, contact, medical or dietary details, we do ask parents to go online and update these via My Somerset Community to ensure we have the most relevant information, including your email address and mobile phone numbers.

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