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Week 8, Term Three, 2019

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In the past seven weeks Junior and Senior students played in the Somerset Spartans Street Football League. The first edition of the Lunchtime Street Football was a success, with more than 20 players coming down each week.

All players improved their skills and had lots of fun.

Street Football is a style of Football that demands precision, agility, and creativity in an environment where extensive foot work is required. This freestyle game challenges players to use strength and strategy in an unconventional way. The term 'street football' emerged from playing football on the street, where many of the best football players around the world got their start. Its focus is on fast-paced games on short space with freestyle moves, respecting the fair play of the game.

2v2 Panna Knock Out is one of most popular street football games in Europe. The duration of the game is two minutes. The team with the most goals wins. But if you got nutmegged, (ball played through the legs) you lose immediately.

In the Junior School the teams competed very well. On the last day all teams had the chance to win the league. It was the Jayden Mclean and Harry Mackintosh that won. Congratulations boys!

We want to congratulate Year 4 student, Caspar Crampton. He was the youngest player and he Nutmegged the most players. Well done Caspar!

In the Senior School it was Year 8 and Year 9 students Bongani Mhalanga and Patrick Abdel-Malek who took a big lead from the start. Year 7 students Phoenix Crampton with Bowen Mansell came close. Great effort from Patrick and Bongani.

We hope to see the winners back next year to defend their title.

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