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Week 10, Term Two, 2018

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Somerset's Strength and Conditioning Coach has been working with the Netball team ahead of competition in Townsville these holidays. The Swim Club swimmers have also been in the gym, starting a three-month long training programme.


Netball athletes have shown great dedication and consistency all year with the implementation of a Strength and Conditioning Programme prescribed from the results of pre-season physio screening and ongoing regular exercise testing. Injury prevention has been a major goal to ensure longevity for the players who have completed increasingly more difficult strength and stability exercises each week.

The team is now fine-tuning their physical performance before travelling to Townsville in the school holidays to compete in the QISSN competition. Good luck girls.


It is a full house in the Fitness Centre as the Somerset Swim Club enter a new 12-week strength-training block. These athletes work hard with twice weekly, 5.30am Strength and Conditioning Sessions to improve their performance in the pool. Athletes in this squad are competing at a state and national level.

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