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Week 5, Term One, 2018

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Our environment which we live in is being negatively impacted because of us. The Great Barrier Reef, native animals/plants, rain forests, and the beach are all being affected.

Around 35 per cent of people in Australia litter. Australia has one of the most unique creatures and landscapes, we need to keep our area clean and healthy.

The PYP Sustainable Spartans are continuing with projects that began in 2017 and are embarking on new ones too. Firstly, the environmental warriors are forging ahead with a quest to install recycling bins in the Junior School common areas, focus the year on minimising general waste and organic recycling.

Imagine not being able to go to the beach or swimming in the ocean because there is too much litter or pollution that has affected the area. Look at your surroundings and see what you could impact to make a difference.

Start by participating in Clean Up Australia Day!

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