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Week 3, Term One, 2018

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This new year, 2018, is an opportunity for all of us to join together and minimise our damage on this beautiful campus. By joining the Sustainable Spartans Committee, students can get involved while gaining community and service hours.

Hello Somerset Spartans! We welcome you back with enthusiasm to improve our environmental community.

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As well as accompanying fellow students and staff for an exciting year ahead filled with an events such as movie night and many more. Join today for an amazing experience and to create a better Gold Coast of sustainability.

For any other queries please email either Mrs Coombes or Sascha Dodd.

Our vision for the Sustainable Spartans includes:

  • Developing a whole-school approach to sustainability.
  • Providing opportunities for student leadership whereby the Committee becomes a sustainable entity.
  • Raising awareness of both local and global sustainability issues as responsible global citizens.
  • Providing opportunities for the development of innovative responses to sustainability challenges. This involves constructive, experimental and action-oriented learning approaches.
  • Ongoing assessment, planning, improvement and reflection of the College’s sustainability practices.
  • Developing broad stakeholder and community partnerships.

In 2018 the Sustainable Spartans will action the following areas:

  • Seniors: Plastic use around the College
  • MYP: Eco Systems and Habitat
  • PYP: Paper Waste
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