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Week 8, Term Two, 2018

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When Mrs Sue Roberts, Director of Performing Arts needed some props for the upcoming Senior Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Mr Dallas O’Brien, Head of Department - Design, came up with a brilliant idea. In true Somerset collaborative style, Dallas set two of the College’s eight 3D printers to the task of printing moose antlers.

Each antler is made up of five separate pieces and will be locked and glued together before being painted. The finished antlers will be 60cm long, weigh 500 grams and take 24 hours to print.

Rest assured that the plastic filament used to print the antlers is made from 100 per cent biodegradable cornstarch and sugar cane starch. The last thing we want to do is contribute more plastic to the planet!

The printers are hard at work on display in the KIP, much to the delight of students and parents. Feel free to drop in a take a look. They will be here until Monday 11 June.

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