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Week 9, Term Two, 2018

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New Tennis coach Lachlan Treacher has been warmly welcomed into the Somerset Tennis community. Coaches, students and their families enjoyed a fun night of Tennis in Week 8; one parent has shared her experience.

Friday night. Exhausted, sweaty and so tired. The first thing Noa said as we arrive home was mum, that was the best Tennis I have ever had in Somerset, I had so much fun, can we please do this again? And again? Ha! Wait, there is more. It's Monday morning. Tennis lesson at 7.00am. It's cold, it's early, we went to sleep so late last night, the usual struggle to get to school on time.

ALAS! This morning?! Do I even know those girls? Noa was already up dressed and ready at 6.00am? Is this a dream? Super motivated, all smiles and energy. Wow! Someone needed to pinch me.

Now why am I telling you all this, you are asking? Well, because this is thanks to you, to us. This is what Friday evening did to us. I'm sure we were not the only ones who arrived home on that Friday night with such big smiles, happy bellies and a feeling of hope. We have finally taken the first step in creating a Somerset Tennis Tribe.

The clouds that filled skies that morning and the day before cleared especially for us, Luke and young Lachlan made sure everything is set and ready and before we knew it the The Tennis Lawn was ready for a fantastic evening of Tennis. And even though he hasn’t officially started working with us yet, the arrival of Lachlan was the cherry on the cake.

And what a fantastic evening. We played together, organised, learned and laughed together, the snags were sizzling the chicken nibbles were crackling, red, orange and green balls were flying above the nets, the children were laughing and running and owning the Somerset kingdom.

We had a King Of The Court and travelled Around The World… Such a great evening.

We welcome Lachlan to our Tribe of wonderful coaches, students and parents with hope and anticipation to create a dynamic community where everyone can enjoy the great sport of tennis, bring our young people to learn love and excel, have fun together, and develop the skills and values they will need to enjoy a lifetime of health, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

See you all on the Tennis lawn to celebrate the beginning of Term Three.

More details will be communicated through the Tennis page on SchoolBox.

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