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The Changing Nature of Music Studies




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Week 9,
Term Three, 2016

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The study of Music as the academic subject has changed significantly since many of our parents went to school. Many may remember the music lessons of old where students were taught the history of music through the ‘famous’ composers and the writing of music consisted of completing theory exercises.

No longer do students sit in the classroom and just listen to music and complete theory exercises. Students now spend their time discovering how music is made and played in order to understand the composer’s intentions and then go on to create their own. Their understanding of and competencies in music is based around their experiences, their communities and their world. Assessment does not drive the course but is more organic and grows out of the students’ experiences.

2016 - T3 - W9 - Music Studies

How different this is to earlier music studies. Our students listen to music that interests them and that is part of their world. From this experience, they are led on a journey that can take them to places they never realised existed. It is just as the vine can spread its tendrils over large distances with opposite ends seeming not connected yet all have sprung from the same seed. This is the music studies of today.

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