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Week 9,
Term Two, 2016

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Across the whole Australian Curriculum, Inter-cultural Understanding involves students learning about and engaging with diverse cultures in ways that recognise similarities and differences, create connections with others and cultivate mutual respect.

The development of Inter-cultural Understanding is essential to building successful, co-operative global communities and it is a central aim of learning languages. Students realise that successful inter-cultural communication is not only determined by what they do or say, but also by what members of the other language and culture understand from what they say or do.

2016 - T2 - W9 - Languages

At Somerset College, there are many background speakers of languages other than English, who share their cultural and linguistic knowledge in day to day classes and events. All students have the opportunity to learn German, French, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin as a second language, with exposure to visiting tour groups and the chance to travel internationally, as well as connecting with other language students in a range of competitions and activities.

The International Baccalaureate Italian examinations took place this term for those in Year 12 studying Ab Initio Italian.

The very popular Education (Language) Perfect programme conducted the World Championships in May and Somerset College students have achieved remarkable results across the languages, both in Australia and globally. A number of students of all languages have achieved gold, silver and bronze awards for their achievements.

The Senior German classes are reaping the benefits of conversational practice with Ellen Wright, a native speaker and current parent. The Kaffeeklatsch group also enjoy casual German conversations over a hot drink and some snacks, during lunch time. There are Italian visitors from Verona with us in the College at the moment. The Year 4 Italian class celebrated Carnevale last week after having studied this festival as part of their curriculum. Year 10 Japanese classes have investigated Japanese Celebrations and Festivals and have gained genuine understanding of how the Japanese culture is reflected in the language and expressions.

Add in the academic demands of the language curriculum and this results in another successful term for the Language Acquisition Department.

Term Three Events:

  • The French-Canadian Exchange Group will be visiting during Weeks 1 and 2.
  • The Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland (MLTAQ) speech competition is scheduled for Sunday 14 August at Griffith University.
  • The Assessment for Language Competence certificate examination also occurs in the month of August.
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