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Week 7, Term Three, 2017

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As part of their Community Service, Year 7s made a visit to The Terraces, an aged care facility in Varsity Lakes. Here are a few of the students' comments from the time spent with the facility's residents.

"I feel that my first experience at The Terraces was very good for me. I enjoyed being there and I’m sure that the residents enjoyed our company there too. Even though some residents did not talk to us I think that they simply just enjoyed our presence there. Overall, going to the Terraces was a fun and an exciting new experience for me." Mia Reeves, 7.5

"While at the Terraces students either had conversations with the elderly or helped them with colouring in and puzzles. I thought this was a fun and unique experience because I had never been to an Aged Care Facility before. However it was a bit awkward because I didn’t know these people and I am a shy person.

Both the elderly that were staying at the Terraces and I benefited from this activity. They benefited from this because they had conversations with us and we helped them with their puzzles, which entertained them. I benefited from this because I developed my social skills and I had fun. I have learnt how to be more social, which I can apply to the many occasions when I meet someone new that I don’t know." Lauren Chan, 7.1

"It was great. It was a lot of fun on my first day at The Terraces. We had to go up to level 3. I played 10 pin penguins (just like 10 pin bowling, but with penguins) and quoits which is the game where there is a little stick and you have to throw the rope hoops onto the stick. Then on my second day, we stayed down on level 2, and did puzzles and colouring in with them." Jackson McMonagle, 7.5

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