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Week 5, Term Two, 2018

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Why did you send your child to an independent school and how is Somerset College different from other schools? This is a critical question many of you may have faced before deciding on Somerset as your school of choice.

We want to find out what is important to our Somerset parents. What Parents Want - an Independent Schools Queensland Survey examines the decision-making process parents undertake when choosing a school, including:

2018 - T2 - W5 - what parents want
  • cultural influences,
  • varying sources of information, and;
  • the relative importance of a myriad of factors that can guide school choice.

We urge all parents of Pre-Prep, Prep, Year 7 and new students to complete this valuable survey. It should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Click here to take the survey.

It is of great importance we, as a College understand how and why parents make such decisions. The results will provide a framework for us to continue to meet the needs of our parents, while giving a strong basis on which to formulate strategy and decision-making in the future.

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