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World Environment Day - 5 June




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Week 7, Term Two, 2018

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Plastic use has become an increasingly difficult problem to solve worldwide. Plastic is convenient and effective, yet difficult to dispose of and prolific.

On July 1 2018 Queensland will ban the single use plastic bag across the state as a small step to address the massive plastic waste problems our society now faces. The ocean suffers particularly from large quantities of plastic waste. You might like to read more about the social, environmental, economic and political issues associated with plastic use in this National Geographic article.

If you consider this picture of different types of plastics, you can decide what you can change about your own plastic use, whether it is a small or large change. Also, you may like to help the Sustainable Spartans celebrate World Environment Day by donating ALL of your single use plastic bags which will help teach students about soft plastics recycling. Please drop your plastic bags to 3B Junior School classroom (Lamb Building) at the very latest Monday 4 June.


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