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Week 6, Term Four, 2017

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When camp time arrived for Year 3's, Wednesday October 25, suitcases were packed and they were ready to go. Meeting at Sara Carrigan Gate the cohort set out for their first camp away to Tyalgum Ridge Retreat.

Meeting at Sara Carrigan Gate we were handed our wrist bands for our camp groups; I was in yellow group with three of my friends. Our suitcases were all packed and on the bus already so all we had to do was grab our small bag and board the bus for Tyalgum Ridge Retreat.

The drive went for an hour and a half and when we finally got off the bus, we grabbed our suitcases and went over to the boys' cabins, put our suitcases down and went to our first activity. The first activity was rock hopping and we jumped from rock to rock and got ourselves all wet. After that it was morning tea and we had watermelon, oranges and a piece of cake.

After morning tea we went to low ropes and archery (my favourite). I scored 25 points in archery, and in low ropes I got to do the wobbly log. After the second round of activities, we had lunch which was hot dogs and cordial, with oranges and watermelon. We went to our cabins after that and sorted out who you are with and to set up your cabins. After that a bit of free time, it was dinner. We had a delicious meal of chicken and vegetables followed by an evening of talent.

The next morning we got out of bed and had breakfast (my favourite meal). We had scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, spaghetti and baked beans. I didn't choose baked beans or spaghetti but I chose everything else. After breakfast we put on our shoes and went to go hiking. It was a six to eight kilometre walk but when we got there, there was a waterfall, which everyone went in and got wet (even Mrs Grigg went in), Austin got a leech on him and he called it trouble.

After hiking, we did camping skills where we made a fire in a group of boys and girls. Then we cooked damper, which is like dough that you fold on a stick and you cook it until it is hard, then we put this sweet honey sauce in it to make it taste delicious. We then had lunch, hot dogs with BBQ sauce. After lunch we went to the flying fox and it went so high up! We didn't have a seat but we sat on a harness instead. We went back to the hall after our day for free time. Shortly after we had dinner, spaghetti! Finally, after an exhausting day we had time to relax and watch an animal show. We saw so many different reptiles. It was so cool!

When we woke up the next morning, we got all our things ready and headed off to pat animals, including baby goats that were really small which we got to feed, and an Alpaca. Just after we had morning tea, we went canoeing. We t-boned tones of people and it was so much fun. At the end we got to do a race and we came second.

We went back to our cabins to change into clean clothes, then get our bags to sit down for a meeting. Someone had to make a speech about thanking the teachers and the Tyalgum People for what they've done, and that was me! On the way back I timed the drive. For a coincidence, it was the exact same time as before, which was one hour and thirty minutes.

It was sad to say that camp was over but I am so excited for the one next year!

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