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Year 9s Get Active with Year 1s




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Week 2, Term Four, 2017

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Active Kids is an activity Year 9s can do that goes towards their service hours and occurs during lunchtime on Wednesdays. In Active Kids, you work in groups to come up with fun games to play with the Year 1 students to help enhance their motor, hand-eye coordination, and team work skills.

I remember Ms Lee telling my House (Starkey) about Active Kids and I signed up immediately. Each Wednesday we were greeted by enthusiastic, smiling and excited Year 1s, who made me smile. The Year 1s were all so friendly and loved to hug and get to know us better; they also loved the activities.

I’m so glad I did Active Kids and I’d do it next year as well, if I could! I’d recommend to all Year 9s who want to do something fun, to do Active Kids.

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