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A Boral Truck Visits Pre-Prep Friends




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Week 4, Term Three 2017

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Pre-Preps were fortunate to have a visit from one of the 'ginormous' Boral trucks this week. Mr Wade Clark (Evelyn and Christopher's Dad) organised a wonderful presentation on the trucks.

Pre-Prep Friends began, learning about the size and capacity of the different trucks in terms they could easily relate to. We worked out how many elephants could be carried by the trucks or how many giraffes high, the tipper can be. After learning all about the wonderful work that trucks help with as well as safety around trucks, we went to visit the Boral truck.

Mr Clark skilfully drove the truck and trailer (dog) past Koala House onto the oval, near the Spartan track. The Pre-Preps, one at a time climbed up into the cabin to look around and try out the driver’s seat, even having a steer of the truck.

Thank you Mr Clark and Boral trucks for this wonderful, memorable experience and for sharing interesting facts about the trucks and Boral.

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