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Week 9, Term Three, 2019

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The PYP Exhibition is well under way. We are enjoying displaying our knowledge and thinking of creative ways to get people involved.

In class, we’ve been learning how to show our displays in a creative and smart way. We’ve created board games, questionnaires, brochures, power points and lots more. Many of us have also connected with the broader community as part of our action.

2019 - T3 - W9 - pyp

Another project assigned to us was our written component. Although we may choose to not display it, we have worked really hard to include as much information as we can to our written genre of choice.

Now... a t-shirt design hint! This design includes a tree and two sides showing our lives verses the less fortunate. The t-shirt designers are, Capri Bindra, Amelie Millar-Martin, Illia Dunworth and Adriana Smith. They have done a wonderful job on the t-shirts and we can’t wait to wear them at the special event.

Hopefully, you are intrigued in our PYP process. Creating visual and interactive displays, written components, scratch games, videos and biographies can be hard and tiring, but we hope we’ll entertain you in the upcoming PYP Exhibition.

See you there!

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