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Week 10, Term Three, 2020

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The day had finally arrived, the day we were set to board the bus to Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast! I was sitting on the bus with my friend Katie, when Mr Pitura handed out our camp booklets.

As I opened the booklet, I saw my camp group, cabin group and duty group written on the pages. My cabin group was myself, Katie, Grace, Ella, Amy, Maria, Riko, Maya, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Filippa. My friend Maria was in all my groups throughout camp! As we arrived at the first stop (Logan River Parklands) we ate morning tea and played on the playground, then we got back on the bus and watched the movie Shrek after that, we watched Ice Age. Then we arrived at our second stop (Caboolture Service Centre) to have lunch before again boarding the bus and heading straight to camp!

As we passed the 'Welcome to Mapleton' sign, we all started to get excited because we were only eight-minutes away from camp! As we got off the bus, we picked up our bags and off we went to our cabins! Our cabin (L1) was the biggest cabin in the camp (we even had a lounge room!). Our room was so big that we could not resist playing around. My first activity was archery. I didn’t hit the target but I hit a swinging milk bottle which I think I could put down as achievement! After archery we went back to our cabins to get ready for the outdoor cinema and dinner! For the movie we watched Space Jam, a film featuring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes! It was pretty funny! After that we went back to our rooms and settled into for the night.

Thursday came and it was breakfast time then straight out to our first activity which was Mini Raft Building. Surprisingly, my group's raft won!! Then we had morning tea, after that we went to our second activity which was the Giant Swing! When it was my turn to go I was so nervous but I did it and it was amazing! After that it was lunch and we went to Crate Climb my partner was Maria we managed to get five crates but the record was seven. When afternoon tea was finished, we went canoeing and I was with Maria again! We played a game called canoe tag and a game called bad croc good croc they were both really fun!! The day was coming to an end time to get ready for dinner and Tribal Link. The dreamtime stories were very interesting and exciting to listen to by the fire after the stories we got to drink some homemade lemon myrtle tea, it was so good!

The final day of camp had arrived, we had Team Initiatives where we had to get across a pit of lava and find the golden pig! We all had to work as a team it was really fun! With everyone ready for some rest it was a quiet bus trip home.

Overall camp was a really good experience and I had a great time. I think I will remember Year 5 camp forever!

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